Sunday, March 26, 2017


You know how sometimes it seems like little gremlins are running around laughing over the chaos they cause you?  It's been that kind of week for me.  All.week.long.  I went out at lunch yesterday to send BG a moneygram only to find no debit card in my wallet.  Crap.  I was also picking up lunch for the crew and needed the card for that.  Fortunately I had 29 buccks cash in my purse and the total was 28.33.  I spent a good amount of time trying to backtrack where I had last used it and called the last one hoping somebody had turned it in.  Nada.  I only have two kitchen chairs capable of holding up an adult ass so when I ended up with four people at the table yesterday I drug out one of my grandmother's antique ones forgetting that somebody else had sort of "cracked" it the other day.  We were all sitting there visiting when all of a sudden the seat of that old chair fell out and I went into the chair frame folded up with my back against the seat frame.  It happened so quick that nobody quite knew how to react but I saw the disbelief in their faces as I went into the hold.  Lordy it's a wonder I didn't break my back.  Instead there's a bruise all the way across my lower back and a small scratch.  Gay of MFR fame was here and she helped centered me standing to check things out after P helped me out of the floor and carried off the chair for future repair.  
It rang my bell pretty good.

I had been checking my account online and saw no activity but then the alleged user wouldn't know the pin and would have to run it as credit so that doesn't show up for a couple of business days.  I finally got scared enough to call and have it de-activated and lo and behold I got a phone call from a familiar number about an hour later.  It was Jason at the Kroger pharmacy calling to tell me somebody found my card!  Which is now not usable!   Sheesh.  I must have dropped it in a rush to get that monegram on its' way.  Which TOTALLY didn't happen.

There's this really busy intersection by the hospital on the road to the high school which is a total disaster at drop off and pick up times.  Years ago it was made a 4 way stop and so many people had wrecks they changed it back to a straight shot down Parr.  I noticed yesterday that it's a four way again and there was a cop sitting at the chicken store monitoring compliance as a sort of trial run.  It will be interesting to see how school/hospital/nursing home traffic flows with this new development.  Maybe it's a tactic to divert traffic toward the highways.  If it were me coming and going, I'd use the front entrance of DHS from now on.  

There is asparagus up in all three places.  Bring on spring ~

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