Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I can empathize with the screaming pissed off Jon Stewart who ranted last night about the stupidity and lack of oversight involved in targeting political groups by the IRS. Not because Obama did it. But he is the one in charge and the GOP hates him bad enough to take this and get the whole country riled up over impeachment for that plus his failure to protect the ambassador in Benghazi. Hillary has taken some of the heat for that, but ultimately it falls on his shoulders. My first reaction was "but what about when after 9/11 it was reported that intelligence indicated that a strike was forthcoming?" I guess everybody was too much in shock from what had just happened and wanted to believe that our country would survive in spite of the lack of wisdom in major decision making. That's right...surround yourself with idiots and you look like one too. I just fired off yet another email to my representatives asking them to stop it RIGHT freakin' now with the shit. This country is dying, ya'll. We don't need one single more destabilizing thing or the whole house of cards will fall. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to have a kinder more gentler GOP that could sit down at the table and not spew hatred at the opposing party, like..you know. With a spirit of compromise and whatnot. The biggest difference I see in the parties is one concerning the ideology about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. They have spent millions of dollars and man hours trying to overturn a law that has been in effect since the 70's and whose operation on the abortion end is not funded with taxpayer dollars. It's called transparency. Meanwhile, the tightasses who are ranting like maniacs all over the country preaching "save yourself for marriage" and "one woman, one man" are doing what they do behind closed doors and lying about it. More Republicans have gotten busted and outed for gay sex lately than ever in the history of the two parties. It's called transparency ya'll. If both parties don't get a grip and work together, we're in for some serious anarchy and it won't be pretty.

Meanwhile, back on the hill I'm looking at possible jury duty on a DAY OFF which totally sucks because there's no pay. We don't have a lot of cases go to trial around here because it's mostly drug related (I kid you not) from actual possession and sale to stealing to get the money for it. The last time I was in a courtroom prior to reporting for selection was when my young friend was being tried for manslaughter. He spent several years in the pen and is still my buddy and go to guy when it comes to cars and moving shit. BG has plans for a nice dinner which is pretty cool that we even have food much less feel like doing a little prep work. It can be done without an oven, no doubt.

The Grands are doing tolerably well as my daddy would say. BG took them to the doc's office today for a head check and tuneup on the meds. She is surprisingly healthy now that she has. It's almost hot which means one of my days off will be at Gigi's pool working on my vitamin D level and sore muscles. As usual, if the creek don't rise and Big Ernie is willing.

Love ya....mean it ^j^

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