Saturday, May 4, 2013

better late than never

I had totally forgotten about writing to my senators concerning the gun control reform vote. One of them did a robo e-back letting me know that they had received my message, etc. Nothing specific about the issue. Imagine my surprise today when Senator Alexander responded, as Lamar..of course. His entire epistle was a bull headed argument for 2nd amendment freedoms with an actual claimer to be an elite NRA member. Imagine that ;) He gave no specific reason for voting against the broadening of background checks except that he freakin' adores the right to bear arms. It simply amazes me that radicals from other countries come here with a well thought out scheme to achieve a goal and we can't even manage to keep from killing each other with guns. Oh yeah...Lamar also mentioned that guns don't kill people. Right off the bat I was like "what the hell were YOU thinking girlfriend?" I mean this is the great state of Tennessee, home of the Volunteers and whatnot...close enough to KY,MO,MS,AL and GA to spit over the state lines.

Meanwhile, I managed to piss off my parents again by asking that they just let us do what we do and not micromanage. They don't take to kindly to that and even at 80 they buck us on a lot. "Ya'll go behind our backs and don't ask our opinion" is what Mama said. Well, you know why? Because it's easier to get forgiveness than argue for permission. I let go a little bit more each time which I suppose is Big E's way of preparing me for their deaths. Or maybe I'm being entered into a sainthood contest! Once an adult, twice a child. I wouldn't change a thing.

Things are looking grim again what with the household debt not being paid in a timely manner due to day to day crises like flat tires. I drove a friend's car today and was amazed at how quiet it is. My muffler is about gone, and of course the window has BEEN gone for five months. Poor Tara! I thought she would just die of embarrassment. I will forever more be the den mother of that group. One day BG and I drove around for an hour trying to find one of 'em to pick up for a ride to group. Dude didn't have a clue where he was! Spending time in an outpatient rehab setting is very intense especially for the counselors. A good therapist will get inside some heads and kick ass/take names. Calling out, if you will.

Only one day off then back to the sawmill and possible jury duty. Let's hope I don't pull a murder case and get sequestered. That would be just my luck! One thing is for sure...I take it seriously. If I were to be judged by a jury of my peers I would expect truth and justice. That's the calling, so to speak. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. It is what it is and the system, as flawed as it is, is there for the people. And also for lawyers to make money. I should have married one..rearview vision is 20/20.

We're listening to my favorite classic rock station 92.3 from Jackson. My friend Gregg works there and we met when his band played at my brother's club years ago. They opened for Jimi Jamison who was attempting a comeback thing and did all of the Survivor numbers as just himself with good electronic backup. For 3500 dollars. The place was packed and I'll always remember B working the crowd serving drinks and saying "party time!". It was a dream of his at one time where he did the majority of the work and financial risk and got dumped on by a partner. I met many other musicians there and it's a part of my life that I'll never regret. Mary Carson and I tried our hands at running the kitchen and failed miserably when nobody at a bar wanted food. Go figure. There was a prom there one year and I must say it was gorgeous!

That's it. I'm tired of bitching, discussing and otherwise wearing myself out. The choice is mine alone to make ^j^

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