Friday, May 10, 2013

awesome god

I'm a Michael W. Smith fan from way back in my choir days in the alto section. His anthems have become the mainstay of contemporary worship services everywhere and that's quite an impact to make as a musician. Like not near as desperate as the Christian metal guy who put out a contract on his old lady. I can personally testify that his style of worship is what saved me from abandoning the entire deal based on my UMC background. Things could be worse could have been the COC..eek.

Since I have the weekend off and it's payday there are two movies sitting here waiting patiently for me to settle down, which won't be anytime soon. I finally broke down and bought went into payday debt for a couple of new outfits to wear at work. I got caught moneyless when they instituted a dress code years ago that included only two colors so I've been wearing my old co-worker's hand me downs. Some wise person decided that it wasn't worth the effort of trying to enforce it and there you go..we have choice again. It's never a bad thing, ya know?

I'm feeling pretty grateful these days for any number of things including but not limited to the fact that it's Friday and I have plenty of beer for chair dancing to Huey Lewis and the News. Yep...I'm that old. Gawd I miss me some 80s. BG came home with disc one of Friends like in the very beginning. That's her crack..I was doing other things in their early days. The Power of Love is probably one of the happiest songs ever recorded! It always reminds me of Michael J. Fox. He's a brave one, bless his heart.

Continuing with that blessed theme, there are other blessings like a chance to cut the hay that is my yard and get ready for corporate. I wonder if there's a blanket big enough to cover that pile out in the driveway??? Surely some nice guy with a trailer will help a girl out, especially one who has to do it all on her own. *snort*
Mother's Day is coming up and of course we're all thinking about the one(s) who raised us up. It's not always a biological thing in that when you have a child you interact with their friends as either a positive or negative. That includes a whole lot of sloppy understanding when they're teenagers. Hey..I did some pretty stupid things myself.

My own mother has been glorified and only minimally fussed about on this blog for years and years. Her spirit lives not only in me, but in BG and I'm so freakin' happy to have had her touch of southern hospitality and graces to tone down my running Stafford fits and hippie ways. She respected my decisions when I was growing up even though they weren't usually her own. I distinctly remember me and baby brother having a conversation with her in the kitchen about pot of all things. She played the "two wrongs don't make a right" card on us that day. I don't really remember when I became one who isn't always obedient. Probably the first time I saw somebody walk over somebody else at work. Right is right and Jesus likes that stuff.

The biggest blessing of all in my life right now is my relationship with BG and my parents. They have allowed her to become a caregiver at a crucial time in their lives. I suppose all that hard work to become a BSW comes in handy sometimes. She is the very best and worst of me and her dad and I choose to believe that my influence on her as a woman has been to highlight your strengths and find a good group of friends who know what you really are and love you anyway.

Big hugs on mother's day eve eve ^j^

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