Saturday, May 11, 2013

mother's day memories

When I was a child Mother's day was always the one occasion where we paused to pick a rosebud and tuck it in for an alive one and white for a dear departed one. My ex bought me a white rose corsage for Easter one year and I was too mortified to wear it up in high church. Two years ago on this special day, my father was hospitalized very much against his will for a life threatening pneumonia. The year after that mama was in the nursing home recovering from a massive knee infection. Last year? Um...don't remember. The days have flown by in a blur filled with work and drama. It is definitely time to put the brakes on for a day or two.

I started today at the dollar store and did a quick run by the reduced price rabies clinic with two of our four. We'll get Ryder next week! This control nazi who arrived an hour early and was pissed because I walked right up with Sophie in my arms informed us that "that man" in that truck over there told her we were to line up in order of who got there first. The vet just looked at her like "really!" and told her to get in line with her dogs. I saw all sorts of people with multiple dogs on many colored leashes and most of them were well behaved. I had to PICK Sammy D up to get him out of the car, but it was all good after that. Sophie snoozed in the warm sun of my front seat while Sam got stuck. He was brave.

Then I scooped up my mama and we were off to a local deli/gift shop that is cute as a bug with really good food. Our downtown crowd that includes county offices and court square hasn't had a place to eat other than southern fried in many years. My very pregnant cousin K manages to still look like at doll three weeks out from delivery. Mom and Aunt Granny did their own thing that includes a lot of repetition of course. Cousin Mo can always manage to make me laugh over even the most serious things and we have fun being goofballs and bad girls together. There is another great grandchild in the works just a week or so after that. Life goes on, ya'll.

Happy mother's day to all you mothers and grandmas and t's and whatnot. Remember who you are ^j^

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