Tuesday, May 7, 2013

back seat ipad

Week three of carpooling included an early departure for me today while BG and Daddy were seeing about connectivity for the recently purchased device. As it turns out his wireless carrier doesn't include them and wants you to buy THEIRS for twice the price so there you go. Back in the box and back to Wallyworld. Things got heated when we stopped for gas and a diet coke which she immediately started gulping and then he yelled "GO!" in such a hateful tone of voice that we just did googly eyes in the mirror and stayed quiet until it passed. I'm sure she's as ready as he is to get the damn thing back and get on with life. He chanted his schedule all the way from the hospital to my house, this time including the box and return. He's just worried he won't be home by 4 to see the news.

Some guys were washing my central unit for spring when I got home, thanks to my brother's attention to detail. I must make mental note to mow the other way, something that I'm bad about forgetting because of the layout of that particular piece of yard. It includes not only the little porch but the pump for our water on the other side of the unit. The bank, thanks driveway dude, is sloped sharply so that I can just ride down on the John Deere. I thought about hurrying after work to get it done but decided that it looks like rain and it can wait. The air is muggy and so thick and full of humidity and pollen you can SEE it! Plus my joints and sinuses hurt. That's a sure sign of dropping pressure.

A friend and I sat quietly today discussing how ornery and negative people can be and how very hard they are to ignore sometimes. I just keep telling myself something that she said her preacher told her years ago: "Don't let anyone steal your joy." Profound, if I say so myself. In the end, all we can control is ourselves and our reactions. Assertive behavior comes from a calculated decision not to be led by bad karma. We can always choose to walk away. Lines drawn in the sand are a tough habit to form but worth their weight in gold.

A little bird told me that many corporate advertisers who pulled their business from Rush Limbaugh's radio station just may manage to shut his stupid trap. His style of reporting and ranting about tea bag justice has cost the station lots of revenue. Corporate don't like that, Rush. I'm glad I lived long enough to see it. Now if we can just do something about Mitch McConnell and John Boehner my life will be complete and I can go to Big Ernie knowing that sometimes the evil ones are held accountable BEFORE they make it to the pearly gates. I doubt if Coulter and Malkin will get the chance to change their ways.

As for me and mine? We shall move forward in fits and starts and continue to believe that there is good in the face of seemingly never ending self absorbed bullshit. And we keep the faith ^j^

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