Thursday, May 9, 2013

somona botchen fargin icehole

Luke the dane had just about become part of my recent history in fostering dogs when I looked out into the dark at dusk and saw his huge head staring through the front door as if to say "I'm back!". He slept there and this morning when I left I found his white head totally red from several huge gashes in his head...blood everywhere! This was 6AM so I went by where his people have a business but it was too early. Later I called to let him know that he needed a vet because he had injured himself in the great escape. Animals can be sooooooo ornery sometimes, but then so can some people. When BG got home, he was gone..hopefully to the doggie doc. He's really a sweet dog but very determined to be allowed visitation with his 'hood mates. And I think I remind him of his late mama.

The salsa sisterhood visited Mexico today and learned a brand new cuss word thanks to Athena's brother Rick. It's pretty long and I can't remember all of it now..we practiced in the car and said it in unison as we dropped her off to cheers of "Towanda!" Ain't nothing like girl power, ya'll. She is a very talented jeweler and all around cool person who brings that out in others. So is Kevin my dear buddy-in-Ronstadt who delivered to me a CD with all of her top 40 hits. Spontaneous little things like this day has brought are what makes the world go 'round. Thanks Big E.

I didn't dare commence to mow the lawn yard until I was medicated and that happened today so I'm thinking weekend. I'm the front desk person tomorrow so there's something different besides jury duty to ponder. You never know who or what is gonna walk through that door. Lockdown has become a common thing in most hospitals because of the fact that when criminals are injured, somebody has to care for them because of that do no harm thing. You may not find anybody to bury your evil butts, but we'll fix you up if possible. more Russian brother chat. Oh, and let me tell you what I think of Fox News following the one story that I've seen on that network in probably two years. You people are beyond belief to broadcast high profile trials like Jodi Arias and build a fan base on "did she do it." Meanwhile, you throw our freakin' State department under the bus like Hillary
is the one with bad intentions. The woman took responsibility for the mistake. There was no huge orchestrated cover up. Somebody dropped the ball and since it's her head to ultimately roll, she fessed up. That's what I like to see in a government official. If you think people have long memories, just look at the comeback of David Petraeus.

And so now it comes back that the hero in Ohio who went viral in one day has a criminal background. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE! Destroying someone's credibility is nothing like telling the truth. It's what lawyers get paid big bucks to do especially in divorce cases. The madder the better! That we as a society pay are entertained by the misfortune of others is understandable in some respects but eventually you just gotta have a happy story to keep sane. I don't want to know about body parts and horror past the reporting of the fact that it happened. Period.

Meanwhile, the house is still a mess and the yard's not mowed and I could care less. It's ladies night, after. Keeping the faith here ^j^

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