Sunday, May 5, 2013

day off with eggs + doughnuts

Really, I had good intentions to get up early enough to go to church with my friends but that snooze is so tempting on a day off. Therefore, I barely made it up and out the door in time to fetch the grands from their place of worship. The entire trip to doughnut heaven was filled with discussions of who sat where in Sunday school, her swearing that so and so sat here or there, all the while knowing she's blind. We have not discussed my cussing the other night and will not because it's not worth going back to. I mean, it's not the first time daddy has told me to get the hell out of their lives! He gets over it pretty quick. As much as mama has fought having somebody there in the afternoon, she's managing to find things for BG to do so she won't just be a "stranger in the house." They have some pants shopping to do and a pedicure is on the books. That should be interesting since BG has a real phobia about feet. Ha!

We've had a monsoon this week but it's cool so the grass needs mowing but can wait until after the next deluge. Forked Deer backwater has run the turkeys out into nearby fields and they're a hoot to watch. Not real bright, if you know what I mean. But those suckers are fast! So are the deer that cross willy nilly by the dairy barn. There's always some critter action around here which is pretty cool. My friend over in the NC holler named Mahala has new baby piggies. Sophie is growing and we're trying to train her to take it outside but Oscar is a bad influence. Our goal today is to tackle the floors and maybe the smell will go away. Ewwww is right.

Somebody mentioned to me the other day that I "needed" a relationship to which I promptly replied that I am content with the ones that I have. That there's no special guy included in that means that he would have to be pretty laid back and willing to ante up. I've been broke since the divorce and that's been 11 years of struggling. I can make it on my own if need be as long as SS doesn't shrink. If that happens, I'm screwed. I have no retirement $$ whatsoever other than the measly lifetime pension from my longtime ex-employer. I'm taking it now, just in case Wells Fargo goes the way of Citi and all the others. Back in the day families did the commune thing and didn't think a thing about it. It was normal until everybody got educated and mobile.

I'm figuring that out of fiscal desperation, more and more families will stay together just for the sake of keeping expenses down. One salary, particularly at minimum wage, will not pay the bills in this economy. All of our previous roommates have been guys who didn't really get it when it came to chipping in on the bills. Thus, their departures, every damn one of 'em. We're talking to Daddy about getting a pad so that they can Skype with the grandkids and see Tommy's weather. I wonder if you can buy insurance for them?????

I'm letting the sun dry off the grass before I tackle it with a mower. Or not.

Keep the faith ^j^

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