Sunday, May 12, 2013

rhotos and doughnuts

Sister girl! The pollen is thick as thieves around here and yesterday's mowing got me all stirred up. We're broke as heck but by golly we'll have some good ten dollar eye drops before the day is done. It's officially pre-summer now with a dry week forecast and normal temps. Like even in the 80S! Maybe I can do a day off at Gigi's pool and soak my feet. I've been working on those old dogs for months now trying to get 'em in shape for flip flops. We had a lovely mother's day breakfast at you-know-where with the usual discourse of "I can't pay until you finish". We stopped by the DQ for dilly bars and headed to their log cabin with daddy mumbling his schedule the whole time. This time it included putting up coats since it was chilly. As I drove up to the house I told mom the mother's day fairy had come to her porch! I'm such a sly one, you know. I picked her a beautiful bouquet of everything in my yard that's blooming and read her cards from my brother and I.

I never thought about being a mother as something that would be particularly fun seeing as how my own mother was wore ass out most of her life with three of us. And a fulltime job. And an on-call status as farmer's wife. She has chased cows in his absence as well as rescued him from a random drunk on our front porch one night. She never once spanked me which was probably not the wisest decision but it's one that I used with my own daughter. She did, however, slap me square in the face when I called her a bitch as a teenager, and I deserved it. Ditto for BG.

She was so cool that she hauled a bunch of us to the Coliseum to see Led Zeppelin and I left my shoes in the car as I took of in my daddy's wool Air Force overcoat. Yeah...too cool for the people. She supported my decision not to be a sorority girl even though she had been steeped in that tradition. And she has always held me when my heart is breaking, which is happening more often. It's as if she's preparing me for when she is gone. A former newspaper columnist she published a cook book of her reader's recipes that went viral (well, not back then but...) and people still ask for it. Of course that being my job, it's kinda sorta on the back burner. Ha..did anybody get that?

This is for you mom, for every memory that we share and all the good times. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to raise me up as a redneck,smartass hippie southern country gal


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