Thursday, May 2, 2013

heads up!

There is some construction going on at the sawmill to make it ADA compliant and as it so happened the contractor hit a pipe which started a giant flood culminating in (what used to be) an office. There were plastic bags everywhere on top of every instrument and it was a terrific save by the 2nd shift folks. All's well that ends well, I say. I talked to corporate today about an existing issue and was told that there is "nothing that can be done" about my predicament. Alrighty ,then. It was just another day in paradise until my brother called with that tone in his voice that's kind of like "do something with YOUR mother" so that she doesn't run off the help. Daddy has turned out to be pretty low maintenance because of his ritualistic behavior. Neither of them realizes that they would not be able to stay there even one day without Ms Faye or BG. Her biggest worry is about how much money is being spent. Fine want to give it to the nursing home or stay where you are at H.O.M.E? I'm done and have dis-engaged from that particular struggle. Neither of them has dealt with finances or driving for five years so they have no clue what we've managed to get for them benefits wise. The healthcare part has been my job and the finances his. It's a good fit, I think.

My two days off were glorious weather wise and I managed to get the house somewhat decent. Sophie is staying outside more since she's grown and that's a good thing because she leaves a trail everywhere and my feet are magnets for dog poo. The grass is getting fertilized well out back next to the redneck patio. It is a collection of stones and plants and the realization of a dream that I had sitting on the back steps picturing a shade garden there instead of a damn big ass grill. It's one of the few things I've stuck with...gardening. The former first lady here Mrs. Council blessed me with stuff that returns every year and every season. That requires payback to the cosmos. And of course my grandmother Gaga was a member of the Summer Hill garden club! How niiiiiiiiice.

I have this friend who was a sorority girl down at Ole Miss who used to call herself a stealth member meaning she played the game and acted the part but she was definitely above all of it. She's now a state employee with a very good job and a difficult life and I miss her terribly. We used to talk all the time when here yippy little dog was alive. Love in 3-M hon. And thanks for all that you do for the non-humans of this world.

My 2nd oldest friend T called the other night and told me how much I'll miss my folks when they're gone and so forth. And this, I know to be true. I am to the point where I must take care of myself or go down trying to save them from the inevitable. After 20 years in a loveless marriage and ten with a bunch of user assholes it's time for me to be kind to myself. It's the only way to survive. Ethereal friend also called from Dallas recently about a job thing and we caught up. These are lifelong relationships...the ones who will call on a whim and you'll talk to them no matter what's up. Well, unless it's a huge sexfest with Sugardaddy.

Carry on ^j^

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