Wednesday, May 1, 2013

what doesn't kill us

Well, it makes us like, you know. HUMBLE and eventually stronger! Such was the case yesterday with a friend who has achieved two major milestones this week (including a job) and promptly found herself in a wreck last night on the way to meet the new babysitter. GEEEZ. Not only that, there were some kind of bs unpaid fines so her license had been revoked and she ended up in the hooskow. Been there, done that one. It's amazing how much court fees add to the city and county bankrolls. BG's court money (which got pocketed by the office thieves before the whole bust went down) got paid twice thanks to the opportunity for corruption and greed. Don't get me started, ya'll. I respect law enforcement but have no tolerance for over eager young ones out to climb the ranks. Jump out boys. Google it.

Yes, I went to bed at 6PM yesterday and slept for 14 hours and boy did my body need it. I can't remember the last time I fell asleep watching TV and then moved to my own bed. I woke up just long enough to do some yoga in place and drifted back off. It's amazing how good stretching feels to these old bones and muscles. I talked to my oldest friend in the world this morning about this that and the other, catching up with bullet points. Talk about some history ya'll....we go all the way back to the nursery at FUMC! And if she's still around, she'll be the one to bury me.

I'm sick to death of the Russian brothers and their families so I wish the MSM would move onto something else besides "if it bleeds it leads." What difference does it make if his mother was behind it???? Geeez Louise. I know, I's job security for the paparazzi of death. Oh and also? I don't give a rat's ass about Kate and Will's baby bump. Or Kim K's for that matter. I heard a track off of Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa's new partnership and immediately had to listen again and again. Whomever put together that talented duo is a genius. See Saw will definitely go on the "happy" list.

Corporate is coming and bringing the entire fam which should be interesting. I've met two of them before, one multiple times. Ya'll should have seen me chasing down this twenty something in the orchard grass to give her a relative's antique platter. Sweet as pie! We had puppies then and she was totally taken with 'em. A city girl, she fit right into our rural paradise.

So that's the state of our union. One day at a time ^j^


  1. We had an encounter with a rookie lady cop who wanted to show everyone how tough she was. There we were, in our pickup, heading back from a concert in SLC, 2.5 hours from home, and it was close to midnight. She pulls up behind us at a stoplight, ran our license and pulled us over. Improper plates. what? yes it turns out we had inadvertently put the van sticker on the pickup. We had the van's papers in the glove box as well. An honest mistake when you own several vehicles. In the end she called for backup, who said it looked like an honest mistake, she impounded our truck and left us there stranded on the side of the road with our belongings piled beside us. Luckily we had children we could call and one darling daughter dragged out of bed, drove a half hour to pick us up, and loaned us her car so we could go home. Because it was late Saturday evening, we had to wait until Monday to pick it up.

    Hubby had to take off work so we could go back and get the truck and return the car. Besides the gas it took to go back up to SLC, we had a traffic ticket fine, impound fees and towing to pay, plus we had to get the correct sticker for the truck AND the van which was sticking very hard to the truck's plate.

    Next door neighbor who happens to be a cop as well told us that was something she could have just given us a warning for, and with proof of plate payment could have gotten by for much less pain.
    stupid rookie lady cop. grrrrrr

  2. Rookies often have anger issues and should learn to enjoy life and play with their kids more often. It's what funds the local government!