Friday, May 3, 2013

one toke over the line

I had forgotten all about Brewer and Shipley 'til I searched for that old hippie anthem the other day. I feel my part in history vanishing with the events that, someday, nobody but me will remember. I mean...the last surviving war vets and all that just tears my heart out. I grew up in an America that had seen the Great Depression and rebounded because of and following WWII. These were wars that had a purpose, for liberty or pursuit of happiness or whatever. The Iraq/Afghan tour of duty has shattered more families than were ever created in the anything goes era of the 50s and 60s. I watched young men who were DRAFTED into a war that never had a purpose come home from the jungle strung out from the horrors. That's when I realized that war is not always our business especially when it concerns rescuing others. With the budget deficit that we have, it's an economic necessity. And screw the NRA. I suggest that the beady eyed french sounding dude who is their mouthpiece looks a lot like Hitler. So there!

BG couldn't remember if I loved or hated Ron Paul ( no she's not a blog reader, much ) but she recognized the last name so she called and asked. Evidently her friend's kid had drawn a pic of wise old Dr. Paul for her daddy and it was stuck up there on the frig' right next to the grocery list. "Ron Po" was the title. We giggled over that one and I reminded her that I do not like the younger Mr. Paul in the least. My biggest nightmare would be to wake up and he's friggin' POTUS. I'll save a cyanide cap for just that occasion. Same goes for Rick Perry. The GOP had a solid chance to give the Obama presidency a run for their money and instead they wasted an opportunity to play nice for harpies like Palin My friend Phyllis used to blog about the harpies during the Bush administration. I suppose Ann and Michelle would fall into that category as well.

Here's what I like about liberals straight up. Your sexual preferences are yours and cannot be dictated by anyone's government, only by the heart. The war on drugs is a terrible failure based on 25 years of faulty drug education that demands total commitment at a time when most of them aren't exposed, or their parents were doing it and they already knew. Kids will be kids and most liberals will pick their battles accordingly. Entitlement mentality aside, the social programs that were created from dire need in the 30's continue to grow due to abuse and mismanagement. That's the thing about's just all so big and stupidly connected. If you want to stand for something, sometimes you have to step away from party lines and define what you want. Was John Edwards a bad boy for what he did? Prolly. But here's the thing...his mistake was used without restraint during the presidential campaign and that is wrong. They ALLLLLL do it, ya'll. Like my ex used to say "A hard dick ain't got no conscience."

It's Friday and I've got one more day to work before one off and then "the big one". Jury duty starts Monday and we're expecting a good going over at the sawmill sometime soon so we're all on edge. I scored a toaster oven that needs to be cleaned but will make perfect cinnamon toast. After I almost passed out yesterday I tinkered with the BP meds and will do that at night now because it makes me dizzy as hell to be that low and walking. Kind of like walking through quicksand. I'm focusing on healthier eating because cooking takes a lot of time the Mama Stafford way and I know my limits. The first time my cholesterol got to 250 I was a believer in EVOO and fresh food. I've struggled with weight a lot of my life, just like my mother. But now? I eat what I want, stay active and take a few necessary meds. My weight rarely changes now even if I gorge because my gut just can't take it. Small delicious bites are better for the tummy AND the soul.

I'm to the "whatever" point with the whole drama thing. I love my little office/living room and it's not cold in here. There are, however, boxes of history strowed ever which'a'way. And maybe someday it will all be done.

Keep the faith ^j^

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