Saturday, May 1, 2010

the watch box

Lord have mercy, ya'll! I'm beginning to believe that Big Ernie is totally pissed off about the whole global warming thing because everybody here in our part of the southeastern US is just totally flooded out and wondering when the grand prize game of severe weather will stop. It never ceases to amaze me that global warming is a reality and El Nino/A is a reality. Farmer Joey and his crew carefully sprayed and planted last week and the baby cornstalks are covered in mud. Don't ever pretend to believe that farmers aren't gamblers because I can testify otherwise. about that whole BP thing? They've been gambling too...on our addiction to fossil fueled energy as a way of life. Early reports noted that the ginormous oil spill and loss of life was "not bad." I beg to differ, as noted by the fisher people who make their living off of real live catches from a boat. If the price of shrimp goes up any higher, ya'll can just throw some in my casket on burial day instead of sending flowers. Shame on you. Shame on US for not saving that with which we have been blessed.

Meanwhile, back in AZ there's a big old clusterf**ck going on with the immigration thing, probably because the majority of their workforce doesn't have papers to live here legally. Something about taxes and healthcare and whatnot if my memory serves correctly. The sad truth of the matter is that most of those who live in Mexico are dying to cross the border and get a piece of our pie without having to become citizens. A whole bunch of them are victims dope dealers who sneak across to sell their wares because homegrown is illegal in our country under any circumstance even when you're dying. keeps the feds in cushy jobs, ya know? If I had a dime for every picture I've seen on the front page of my local newspaper of some bubba type sheriff's deputy posing with hemp on the table, I'd be in Fiji right now. I doubt they've got oil washing up on the beach there.

Casa Poops looks a little bit more like home with the addition of hand-me-downs from all the folks who love me and want me to be happy. Now if I could just find the dang tennis shoes that don't hurt my feet, it'll all be good for awhile. Gotta have 'em to walk the concrete floors at the sawmill and save!lives!!

Peace out ^j^

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