Friday, April 30, 2010

random thoughts from a tree hugger

I have to confess that it took turning forty and living in the country for me to embrace the whole eco-friendly concept of living. With age comes wisdom I reckon. It wasn't until the late eighties that I began to really understand what we are doing to mother earth with our corporate driven oil glutted mentality. To get where you're going you have to have a vehicle and that requires fuel. So does having water, I have been told is a little bit in trouble down on the Gulf coast due to a ginormous oil spill which was touted early on as "not bad" as Hoss would say. Lord knows I wish that somebody would have picked up on the concept of using less before the beaches of Destin get blocked off from happy vacationers. I've been to Gulf Shores several times and there is NO comparison.

Yesterday I went on a beer run before laying out at Gigi's pool and I noticed that the price of regular had jumped 5 cents in two hours. Today it was back down. What's up with that??? When the price of gas is controlled by some old guy who gets on a lift and changes the plastic numbers, something is really really wrong with our society. God given waterways are habitually polluted by industries that have some CEO sitting somewhere around Fiji where the water is clear and they live off of the land. I could get into that scenario, ya know? Picture "Survivor Poopie". There aren't many I could be stranded with on a tropical island and keep my sense of humor.

We are bracing for another round of the weather that bit us last weekend. I'll be at work this time so BG is on weekend duty to get the grands into their tub if a twister threatens our neck of the hood. Please don't go to your local ER unless you're sick or dying. We need some quality time to take care of the real crises that present on a daily basis.

Asparagus season has been skimpy but I didn't fertilize or mulch so I guess that explains that. The former pasture next to that bed is about to be turned into a field of corn or soybeans. I can't wait! That means the bush hog will trim the edges of my yard.

"Love ya...mean it" Murray

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