Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today was, as we all day for the grands at their home congregation up on the corner of Main and McGaughey. They went back for another dose this evening but are probably snug at home by now dreaming of sugarplums or Law and Order. Daddy told me today on our scenic route home that he and his daddy drove down Elm in Wilmer's old truck and the brakes went out on that ginormous hill. I guess all went well because I drove them down it today and the Camry didn't give out. We had overpriced unhealthy food at Perkins because that's what we do after church. Nobody has time to cook or anything what with all the hurrying up to get there on time for services.

As a United Methodist from birth, I have come to realize that christian leadership is a transient thing within the political structure of some denominations. It is a hallmark of methodism, reaching back to the teachings of John Wesley and those strange stirring in his heart. For the most part, my strange stirrings have taken place not in a church building proper but out in everyday life where people are struggling to make sense of what the hell this whole thing is about. In my humble opinion, it's all about greed when the devil is in charge.. I'm sure there are scriptures which address that particular evil, though I can't quote them by verse. Whenever I get into a rut spiritually, I always think of Becca's reference to Phillipians and all the happiness that is promised to those who believe in doing things out of love. She and a couple of others made the whole sunday school teacher thing worth the study and hassle.

I am guilty of not being faithful in ways that count, like using my God given talents to make life better for others. At one time, I did. But I gave up and went back to my little corner of the lab to work on procedure manuals because it pays the bills, kinda sorta. Prior to that, I saw possibilities for enhancing end-of-life care with folks who are terminally ill and need some peace on their way to the hereafter. I can thank Ira Byock and Elisabeth Kubler Ross for that particular trait. This too shall pass because there is no financial opportunity for those doing the right thing in our great country. It's all about oil and war and cheap imports.

Time to cook supper. Ya'll keep the faith ^j^

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