Thursday, May 13, 2010


I returned to the sawmill on Monday after an extended stretch on Gigi's couch and a quick night at home. As it turned out, this is hospital week and our department was chosen in a blind draw for goodies from the staff on 3 East. Things are kinda slow up in there what with the powers that be cracking down on the money up front. The way I see it, healthcare for peeps who want to do better is a basic right that doesn't get much attention in our great money hungry country See: payment for preventive care vs. treatment for catastrophic disease as doled out by our federal government. DRG's just killed the shit out of opportunity for healthcare providers to make record profits on Wall Street.

This just happened to be hospital week at the sawmill and we found ourselves overflowing with free food from our sister department on the 3East nursing floor. Jenny and her family lost their home in last week's flood but she still managed to show up with doughnuts for our crew. She told us how her kids don't have their toys and only a change of clothes. Her husband went in with a boat to see how things were looking. Not good, at last report. FEMA came in about a week after the fact and set up a town hall meeting at the mall where nobody shops. Kinda reminds me of Katrina, if you know what I mean.

I've made peace with Dubya and all of the operation iraqi freedom nonsense, bless his heart. Why in this world anybody would want to be chief executive of the United States is beyond me. Sounds like a whole lot of drama and wasted taxpayer money. Gigi told me that the national guard still has the kudzu bar locked down over by the railroad tracks into town. No traffic moving south to north either. Everybody has a recurrent dream and mine is driving smooth off of the 51 business route into the headwaters of the Forked Deer river up there by the entrance to town, proper.

Maybe someday this too shall pass. I always leave room for the spirit to work ^j^

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  1. You have been in my prayers and worried thoughts of late. Hearing about the loss of the stage of the Grand Ol' Opry, I thought, who gives a rat's a** about some damn ol' stage, what about the regular folks like my good friend Janie....sigh... I suppose Big Ernie knows what He's doin' but I wish he'd cut a break to my pals. Hugs and prayers