Friday, May 21, 2010

i love my network

My cell/internet provider calls me on a regular basis to remind me that the account is just a little bit past due. Truth be told, I think they're pissed because I dropped my land line so they have to make up the difference someway. Hector at bill collection central understands when payday is and that the EFT will go through without a hitch. Gotta have a phone so that daddy can let me know when he needs bananas or mama needs her hair done.

I owe, among others, the propane guy and the dentist and the hand surgeon who did a procedure last year which failed to correct the partial numbness in my left arm. I owe my parents a big chunk which will be deducted from my "inheritance" when they pass. Truth be told, the only reason I'm still here is because of them. If you don't own it, you can't defend it. Some folks up in Michigan call this farm the TN property. Best as I can tell, Dr. Floyd Ferguson came by this land and it was passed on through the generations. Back in the day, that dairy barn was the centerpiece of an honest to goodness farming operation that included all sorts of crops and free range meat. That's where I got the asparagus bed idea ;)

Nothing much is left of that history except for the dairy barn, the shack and a few rental houses. The heirs don't seem to be much interested in preserving it so I'm doing it for them. After all, it's been my life for 54 years. That ought to count for something, dontcha think?

Ya'll pray for me and mine tomorrow because we have been notified of a seriously long IT downtime, meaning that our crew will be back to the basics of manual documentation. That is a scary thought but something that we should all consider. What if the interwebs just went away and we had to write down everything that we do for every single thing like in the olden days. It gives a whole new meaning to accounts receivable.



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  2. I figue someday, them terrorist types will figure out that, to take us down, they only have to screw up our internet for a week or so...
    No need to bomb us or nothing.