Thursday, May 20, 2010

hatchet man

That's the literary term that my old friend Marti used for anything scary enough to make the dogs bark during the night and scare the shit out of you and yours. She introduced me to love of the written word and a whole lot of other cool things as well. Back in the day, we would spend our entire checks on signed volumes at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashvegas. I saw Lewis Grizzard and Larry Brown, bless their hearts. We all marveled over way that Clyde can sing in addition to his writing talent. BG has a good start on a library for her own child from just those trips together. I love it when that happens.

Our daughters were a few years apart so they spent lots of time together here on the farm. Becca always liked to pick wild onions when in season if my memory is correct. Her older brother affectionately named BG "Apostrophe" because of the little ponytail she always had on one side of her head. She was an aerobics instructor with a love for her kindergarten students that couldn't be matched. M singlehandedly got me off my ass and moving for a lot of years when it took that to keep my sanity. She introduced me to a kinder gentler way of looking at people's flaws and relating to them where they are in life. Kinda' like Jesus would do.

There were many others who touched me spiritually, some of them fellow church members but all of them fellow travelers on the road of life. I can't tell you how many times we've had church up in that breakroom at the sawmill and nobody even recognized it as such because we didn't put a label on it other than true honest sharing of beliefs. Some of the tales I've heard would curl your hair, but all of 'em are how we got to where we are today.

Our inspection was successful even though rather intense. I have come to appreciate the organizational skills of my salsa sister more and more as I age and don't have the patience for details. Some people get off on it...not me. My next husband, bless his heart, will have to be good with the money because I'm weak in the financial planning area.'s not too shabby for a smartass country girl to survive with a little help from her friends for eight years. He said I'd never be able to make it.

Peace out ya'll. Looks like more storms coming.


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