Monday, May 10, 2010

in a rut

I found myself thinking about Hoss today, post hundred year flood. He came to visit Pecan Lane a few years ago, failing to mention that he needed oxygen at a moment's notice. I was the next leg on his progressive dinner through blogger heaven. Leaving Vegas, he headed to Michigan where he was pampered amongst the wildlife with Vicki and her family. Next stop? Memphis TN, home of none other than Graceland. My friend picked him up and we met at another friend's antique tea room halfway up 51. I failed to realize at the time that I was learning about life and death from one who knew it up close and personal. After I bought him got him drunk on jack, we went for a ride over toward the river. The field road was really MUDDY so I managed to get the car stuck and walk back to the house and call a wrecker. Left him there to die....or so he said. That was one pissed off old man when we found him half a mile from the house.

The rapid rise of this water scared the bejesus out of most everybody who's remotely in the vicinity of a Tennessee river. Our town had its' entire southern business route wiped out in a matter of one week. I try to think of it as something positive, even though I will forever miss the Plaza food store. Those people are real and care about their neighbors. I've got lots of stories to tell and pictures to post but I'm just tickled to be at home with the dawgs right now listening to Rock 92.3. Bubba brought the mower out yesterday but it rained today so, there ya go. Sounds to me like my cue to get clean and into jammies.

I believe in miracles, don't ya'll?

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  1. Faith & the hope in miracles is all I got, most days.