Sunday, May 30, 2010

when all else fails the directions. That sounds like a really simple thing but not one that an old gal like me has had to do very often, fortunately. There's always been some nice guy tickled to death to do a good deed for an appreciative lady. Because, well. We just don't know, bless our hearts. It has taken me four reads of the book and several trials to get the weedwhacker running but I think I've got it. Changing a tire is a whole 'nother matter! However, I seemed pretty short on helpful guys so I decided to dig out the manual and try it myself. Japanese jacks are not very user friendly which I already knew by watching other folks change my tires and swear about the whole deal. I found the spot to put it, parked a brick behind the tire and used girl power to lift it up. THAT was when I noticed something was sort of odd looking about that brake. Way out of my league. So it's sitting there jacked up in the driveway on a holiday weekend and we're using BG's car. And grateful to have that one!! I'm thinking that I'll give the guy down the road some business and forget about the giant chain places.

Farming is slowing down a bit with fertilizer being applied to the young crop. The flooded corn is slowly being replaced with beans. It is unusually hot for this time of year and I'm hoping that it's not an omen of the summer to come. Ya'll know that us southern girls wilt easily like Scarlett did before she got a taste of reality. Right now I'm dripping with sweat but happy to be here on Pecan Lane with a recent shot of freon on the AC. I've said it many times before, Sugardaddy just doesn't realize how low maintenance I can be.

I'm thinking this weekend about the US military and how proudly we support them even when we don't believe in a particular war or mission. The majority of them do it because they love our country and want to defend and protect our freedoms. For that, I am also grateful. Right now my friend Michelle and her son are particularly on the old heart because he is on the way home from Afghanistan and she is set to begin basic training in October. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with so watch out bad guys.

Ya'll remember to say thanks....for whatever. It works magic ^j^

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