Wednesday, May 26, 2010

days of our lives

My friend Sara still keeps up with Victor and all the drama involved with that little story. She had some drama of her own when Wyatt Ray got born a month early and had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. As we all know, the hospital insurance company kicked her out but kept his little self for intensive care so she stayed with her brother in the metro area and did the trips up to feed him like a good mama will do every time. I have never in my life seen anybody so devoted to being a mother as she is. Two days before the boy made his entrance into the world, her daddy got married to the love of his life. They fish and just generally have a good time with being together. I hope to find that sort of thing for myself before I die but things don't look too promising right now.

To quote Hillary...."It takes a village." Not just to raise a child or grow an idea but to put change in motion. Social change is something that takes a long time to realize when it has always been thus and so. My parents are still hangin' on for dear life down there to the left of Pecan Lane. They have been married for 56 years and have lived in the little red log cabin for 55 of them raising three kids along the way. It's their time to shine and I only wish that they could. Mom and I were sitting in the doc's office yesterday and I noticed a frail old couple leading each other around to blood work and appointment making. I silently prayed that they would make it home together safely and wondered which one was behind the wheel of their car.

Speaking of about those BP folks? Don't it just make you proud enough to bust a gut just knowing that they've ruined the Louisiana coast to buy cute t-shirts and flower seeds for the employees to hand out? That plus the war on terror are about enough to make me want to move to Fiji. I bet there's still some live fish there. At the sawmill today, this old dude in a company shirt came by to give us a three minute education on the new sharps containers that will be installed tomorrow. I have to admit that he knew all the key words like "green" and "landfill" and could quote the numbers like a pro.

It's official now, three weeks after the fact....our devastating flood beat the big one in '37 by three tenths of an inch. Thanks to MG for being such a great homeland security dude! I should have thought to call him before we took out across the cornfield in the back of crackhead's pickup. My bad. I don't think the hummer would have made it.

I am so very weary from listening to the blame game that I could just sleep for a month. Whatever isn't Obama's fault is blamed on Dubya when in reality it's just job security for the feds. Heck...who wouldn't want to work for corporate America of the MSM. If it bleeds, it leads. Soon as my contract is up, I'll be turning off the teevee for good. That way I can just watch happy shit like the Golden Girls or I Love Lucy whenever I'm in the mood. I will seriously miss Stewie and Dr. Cox, but I will survive.


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  1. I am going to have to look up all the acronyms in your post, but I get the gist of the thing.
    Myself? we just have the antenna on the roof. We really don't keep up with anything but the weather, and that is because the local weatherman is my choir director. Its a loyalty issue. the rest of the HDTV is used for playing much-loved videos, and the occasional PBS when I am sewing.
    hugs to you, sweetie. I wish I could find you a sugar daddy too.