Tuesday, May 11, 2010

words of wisdom

When considering a great escape from ginormous headwaters that are rising wildly by the minute, never EVER catch a ride in the back of a crackhead's pickup truck 'lest ye might be thrown around wildly in the back of said truck while making an absolutely non-essential trip through the muddy corn field to move your (unpaid for) vehicles out of the muddy water. Sheesh. Dunderhead was already on the way, no less. BG says I an always an impatient sort and I reckon I can be. I mean, how many easy on the eyes smartass country girls would remain single after 8 tortuous years of some serious loving on a not so regular basis. That would be me.....the picky one who believes in fairy tales.

Got the yard mowed today thanks be to the traveling John Deere that Daddy swore didn't work even after Jeff delivered a brand new one to his doorstep. We should have thought of that last year before I paid that crew to do it in twenty minutes flat. It was kinda nice not to get all hot and sweaty and covered in grass. There's some kind of monster warm front coming up from the south...more than likely oil fueled, compliments of BP. Those fuckers business people are worse than democrats if you ask me. I mean gah...all they want us to do is destroy mother earth by buying bigger vehicles and fueling them up.

Humility is something that can only be acquired by meeting life as it comes, one day at a time. There are so many folks that have taught me that lesson that I couldn't being to name them all. That's okay, though. They know who they are.


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