Thursday, May 6, 2010

state of emergency

Lord have mercy ya'll...this has been a very interesting week to say the least, what with all the flooding in the western half of our great state. I took a shitload bunch of pictures of dodo water from the mighty Forked Deer's capricious leap up over the levees and banks that irrigate our farm and provide wetlands for all sorts of nature and such. Unfortunately ATT is not very kind when it comes to providing service for displaced families. Something about lines being underwater or some such nonsense.

The southern part of Dyersburg is ruined, business wise. My favorite place to stop for beer and cheese with some meat on the side floated early on. Sources say that they saw the ramen noodles swimming up next to the ceiling at the Plaza. No more Dairy Queen either. I can only hope that Boss Hoss will live to tell the story of our hundred year flood. Last I heard the kudzu bar had nothing damaged except for a week away from the daily domino game. Don't know about the Hideaway. Cops won't let us in to check it out.

Mom and Daddy are fine, much thanks to Bubba and his connections with the municipal airport. We have driven down the runway several times over the past few days to check on our parents and measure the water level. As of this morning it seems that the headwaters are receding and we should be able to celebrate Mother's Day without a boat. If that what it takes to get to church with a red rose, so be it.

When I was a kid daddy used to put a board up on the front of his truck to push the water out of the way...always on a mission to keep our family high and dry. We had an old red Chevy station wagon with holes rusted out in the floors out back. Whenever we moved to town for a week or so during a natural disaster, me and my friends would watch the road move under us and make up stories about snakes and other dangers down there in the swirling brown muck. Most of what I remember is how nature flourishes when Big Ernie decides to start over. Those ditches were always filled with tadpoles during spring. New life, if you will.

Whenver I get back to the easyshare software, I'll share some flood pics with ya'll. The thing'll never believe it if you weren't here .


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  1. Stay dry Poopie! I'm just a little soggy over here in Gibson Co.