Friday, April 19, 2013

world weary

Well well...the plot thickens. Once again we are pointing fingers at Muslim extremists for something that nobody has really grasped yet. Every time we are caught with our pants down it's usually a sign that the hatred for us, as a country with all our western ways, is about to bubble over into our own back yard. As with 9/11 the profiling of Islam as a religion is filled with accusatory looks toward people of an ethnicity different from ours. Terrorism is a violent act aimed at proving a point by killing. A whole lot of people do that with weapons that are purchased without background checks (thank you Congress) or any sort of accountability. Terror is a way of life for those who are single minded and crazy enough to pull it off and get a moment of fame be it with Allah or the god of the Westboro haters. Get over it ya'll. Life is one big gray area so deal with it.

What is most amazing to me is the strength and faith that arise when we are attacked on our own soil and mundane everyday life is interrupted. Everyone is a hero then, and that's what it's about. Some people live this way all their lives. It wouldn't surprise me if little Kim didn't hire these guys to pull it off with pressure cookers to take the heat off of himself. Please do me a favor though. If you are at the very least inclined to blame this on our President, remember that it started with you-know-who. It is about tolerance people, and not just of others' beliefs but a willingness to make a difference in the earth by cutting carbon emissions and growing more organically. You can only throw so much poison at a planet before it withers away.

Things are just pretty as a picture outside following the weather event that wasn't much but heavy rain and wind. The sun is trying to peek out and it's chilly again, just my kind of weather. With multiple dogs in the bed it gets a bit warm sometimes and besides we got used to being cold these past two winters. One of these days ya'll of these days. There are several wisteria vines scattered through trees around town and I adore them as well as the dogwood trees. No more Mr. Snake so far but I haven't mowed yet and it's pretty dang tall. Keep your fingers crossed on that one. If you hear a scream, come running.

Later ^j^

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