Monday, April 22, 2013

lab week and social discourse

I'm a sitting duck for capitalists and other bullies because for the life of me I can't imagine not thinking about the basics like clean drinking water, When the world almost ends, you can bet your sweet ass we'll be down by the river slurping. We take so much for granted because of modern luxuries that sometimes turn into addictions and whatnot. I learned early on that as long as I had a running car to get to and from work and went to bed not hungry that I could make it. That has been the weakest spot of the whole single woman at midlife experience dropped on my unsuspecting little head. Having a guy or guys who will help a girl out when things go south is a true blessing. Back in December we had this monsoon of a rain and when I wheeled the Camry through the grass it ended up stuck in the asparagus bed. Luckily there were two of 'em that day to get me out and on gravel. If there's no hub, a brother and his buddy will work out just fine. He just grins and shakes his head. "Silly girl."

Meanwhile, back at the sawmill it is National Medical Laboratory Week which is always a lot of fun with food and old stories. I've been there 36 plus years and have spent more time with most of them than with my own family. We share joys and sorrows, a new baby here and the death of someone there. We carry out feelings about family into the workplace and try to treat them as if they are our own flesh and blood. Every patient needs an advocate when sick or dying. The trauma alone is enough to make people burn out quick. And ours is a very small town. I can't imagine being the blood bank that tried to handle 8 zillion donors after 9/11. Blood donation is a habit picked up by about 5% of the population and many become lifetime donors. Every 56 days I believe? My point is this. When crisis time hits, we need to already HAVE the shelves stocked so we can respond more quickly. That requires three days from needle to drawer and a whole lot of organization. We are fortunate to do business with an excellent supplier that is not for profit and not the Red Cross. Kudos to Lifeline Blood Services and their entire crew. I've been blessed with a working relationship with most of the staff there and have made many a road trip to catch up on the state of things. My one time preacher was the one who got the ball rolling in Dyersburg to start a volunteer blood program...I'm talking he PREACHED it from the pulpit. And you know what? It's still going strong. Thanks Willis ^j^

It's also National Volunteer Appreciation week which includes my grandmother Gaga, both my parents and two aunts. I've been through this one many times, and it's dwindled down to me carrying the torch. Cousin will be there working, and hopefully can make an appearance. I wanted to quit last year but she urged it on, we just handed it over to someone else. I can deal with that!

No crises with the grands at present, which is always a huge blessing. One car in the shop, other one wobbling a lot but still running. It's the tires plus lack of maintenance because (once again) there's no man to do it. I admit I could probably change oil..hell, I found the reason for the whole ruckus when my spark plug popped out not long ago. Thanks to my mechanic friend for that lesson!

I have this really brainy kid of a friend who thinks a lot like me and is into the engineering side of clean water which was mentioned above, I believe. Some supposed friend of his picked a fight over something and I wanted to slap her...just like when somebody starts on me. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I'm a liberal. Deal with it. I'm a helluva lot closer to being an independent that I ever was when I was campaigning for tricky Dicky. If these southern reps don't get their heads out of the Bible and back on the Constitution, I fear for all our lives. Separation of church and state, says it right up in the official document.

Big Ernie is good. All the time ^j^

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