Friday, April 5, 2013

bless all our little hearts

We are sleeping with puppies now who wake up ready to play and bite and make it impossible to sleep in. BG rolled out first today and we promptly put our respective pups out for potty. Still on the learning curve, they're playing hit and miss with the pads. The feed bill has gone down tremendously since the other four found homes. A 40# bag was on sale when I went to pick up my crazy pills and that's a pretty heavy load for one gal. In the rain. Again. Will it never cease?? Locally there was something to commemorate the great flood of '10 which was the first of two in two years, on exactly the same date in May. How about that stuff?

Since I started this post I've done the usual up and down opening doors for dogs and chatting with relatives via social media. Janice is really a "by proxy" cousin but we are so much alike it's scary sometimes. Old hippies and animal lovers. Naturalists, if you will. She's very conservative politically so we just don't discuss that. It's the best way to ruin a good relationship, you know? Also since I started this little piece, I slept and woke up to a glorious sunny spring morning with (hopefully) the worst of the winter behind us. I considered using the gas money on flowers but decided to wait until I get paid and can go wander aimlessly. Today I've been out tromping around with choppers untangling honeysuckle from every little thing and some other kind of evil vine from all the rest. Still no asparagus. I remember having spears in February the first spring after we made the bed. It's been a steady producer since then unless the roundup got 'em.

Plans are made to be changed and so what was to be a trip to Cracker Barrel on BF's dime turned into an ER visit for BG and her friend. I didn't want to tell her but GEEZ I hate the thought of going into an interstate based chain at lunch or dinner time even if they do have cute stuff and rocking chairs to wait in. I see some takeout coming on. Thanks BF! We shared the bounty last night with our friend and her kids, serving up pork tenderloin also purchased by said BF. Lord knows, I try to pay it all forward because that's how I was raised. While dropping off meds I had a sidebar with Ms. Faye and she shared that they're still fighting like little kids over stupid stuff. Mom can be such a control freak and hasn't really accepted the fact that daddy's in lala land most of the time. As long as he's left to his schedule, he's fine. She's just pouting because he won't pay attention to her. *sigh* Honestly, I believe she's finally gotten up the balls to get mad over being a good girl all her life and putting herself last. Thank goodness I did that in my thirties. I've had lotso' years to practice being a bitch.

Gotta go post precious pics of the last two puppies chilling on the back steps. These too must go. Or at least one of 'em. More later on that.


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