Thursday, April 11, 2013

redbuds and HIPPA

In case you never read the fine print on those reams of papers that you sign when visiting a hospital or doctor's office, you may or may not know about a patient's right to privacy when it comes to healthcare info. It's a huge deal with the feds and providers are mandated by law to inform you of your rights as a patient prior to treatment. They are also required to get your consent for any tests or treatments that have been discussed. If you're out of it, somebody else like a family member is designated as your advocate. Regular inspections and audits by appointed surveyors is required to keep receiving Medicare dollars. All of this and more were the topics at a very informative after work meeting presented by my hero in the workplace, a tough lady who has given her all for excellence in the job. I will miss her terribly when she retires because she's one of those "go to" people in a crisis. If she says it, it's okay. The hour and a half was gone before I knew it. Not many team leaders can command that kind of attention. I might just retire when she does because she's got all the answers! Just kiddin'..ya'll know how broke my ass is. Unless SD shows up I'll be working 'til I drop.

Redbud trees are my very most favoritest part of spring and the ones out front are in full bloom drenched in rain from the big clash between warm moist air and a cold jet. Beautiful sight, if I say so myself. All of the leaves have tiny leaves and the hosta and peonies are peeking out to check the weather. Those two warm days were enough to bring some asparagus up but not yet a mess. Unless you're from the south, you don't even know what that means probably. I drove through water on the way to work this morning and on the way home. We got several inches at just the right time for planting. Something, if just a patch of herbs. There is nothing in this world like fresh basil.

I'm back to step one, finding my little world twirling out of control and feeling not too inclined to accept that fact. A bit financial hit during the past week has me reeling and wanting really bad to just give it up and use my next paycheck for a BK lawyer. The sad thing is that I really do try to be responsible. Life just gets so damned crazy sometimes you get caught up in things other than the budget. Times 5 years, umkay? The trusty old Camry is 11 years old and one tire or belt away from dumping me on the side of the road. BG's Neon is in the same shape. We are scraping and working and believing in miracles and STILL the hits keep coming. I do not claim to be blameless for I have my excesses just like everybody else, but what we scrimp for is stuff that many people take for granted. Washing detergent. Dawn. Dog food. Shower gel.

I still miss my KY cuz, most especially now during the spring when the gardens are getting laid out and she would normally be running the show up there in Calvert City while her hub did the tilling and planting. Her job was to stay up 'til midnight canning the stuff! WA cuz called last night and we giggled like little kids talking about how stupid conservatives are and how typical our family is. She was the youngest of the grandchildren until I came along and mama said her face just dropped when she first saw my little infant self and realized she wasn't "the baby" anymore.

Luke the dane has been absent for a week or more but showed up today in the rain and mud to check in with our fam and his grandchildren. Yes, we still have two and they're precious. I'm sure in this day and age one can figure out how to deliver a cute puppy by FedEx. Remember, I know ya'lls addresses.

Peace ^j^

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