Thursday, April 18, 2013

ready for the storm

Here we sit ya'll, on top of the highest point on this entire farm and there's a big band of thundery rainy windy stuff heading our way. No twisters yet, but it hasn't made it to the Mississippi yet. My friend Brian posted flood pics from his home near St. Louis today and I expect to see the same kind of action here. Lots of rain can quickly overtake streams and streets in a hurry our hundred year flood of 2010. It's pretty safe from flooding up here, but the problem is getting OUT without walking to the airport across the golf course. We did learn how to get out when we have to during the big one.

My heart broke today as I read about how Gabby Giffords and others who have suffered at the hands of automatic weapons reacted to the gun control vote. I mean...Jesus, people. I think there's supposed to be some sneaky maneuver that accounts for the dems who helped put it down like being able to bring it back up. Y'all better listen to us up there kids. America is mad as hell and it is because our elected officials are on the take and living the high life while we struggle to pay for. The reason that every damn thing is so complicated is that there is little co-ordination between federal and state governments other than in a Big Ike type of way. I must say that I'm tickled to see that the FDA nixed generic Oxycontin. That's all TennCare needs in addition to the other stuff like meth, morphine and crack. Just saying.

There was a horrible house fire here the other night and a pair of twin girls died from smoke inhalation after being rescued and handed out by one of our local firefighters. Not sure who it was, but there should be a medal on the way for that. The older brother survived as did the father. Not sure where mama was in all this. Everyone involved in the rescue and treatment of those people will never be the same. Next time, don't take us for granted.

I'm happily schlepping my way through Weeds and savoring every moment, often starting over so that I don't miss anything. Considering how many times we watched Bridesmaids and The Hangover, I'd say I'll have days of fun with these three discs. My friend is bringing more of her humongous stash of movies tomorrow. BG is grands-sitting and things have settled down tremendously since daddy figured out he wouldn't win this one. At 81 he's ten times ornerier than he ever was as a younger man. The running Stafford fits are becoming more frequent and we just have to start out like we're gonna hold out. It's the only way.

I'll let ya'll know if we get blown to North Carolina because I'll sure be moving somewhere besides there. I've had it with southern redneck politics.

Keep the faith^j^

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