Monday, April 15, 2013

things that go "boom"

Like everybody else, my mouth is hanging open over the explosions in Boston, wondering if NorK has that kind of range. My guess would be more of the jihadist variety if it was in fact set on purpose. We shall see. It's enough to make you want to just stay home and become a hermit because the more people hate us the more they seek out large crowds to target the maximum number of people with one event. If that isn't the case here, I apologize in advance for my assumptions. Just call me a profiler.

An old high school friend of mine is in town for his son's funeral and we've been FB friends since the whole deal started. He lives in FL and is meeting the plane carrying his son's body today in Memphis. What a sad task, but one that must be done. I doubt we've seen each other in the 40 years since high school but he's been a faithful reader and follower and has given me a lot of reason to keep on believing. Big hugs buddy.

We got rid of the last available puppy yesterday, a little boy (the runt) who went to live with two little girls and their family. The nameless little girl who remains is beginning to get a brown sheen to her coat, reminding me of her granny Faith. Her grandpa Luke the dane is a permanent fixture now which is more comfortable because if he's excited you better hang on to your hat! His mama's been gone now for several months, and in a way I think that perhaps he's a symbol of what KY cuz had with her dog that died last year. Aggie the giant schnauzer was the biggest CURLY HAIRIEST dog I ever saw. Maybe Luke is Aggie's angel.

I try really hard to be compassionate and understand what it's like to be elderly and craving independence but sometimes I just have to say to hell with it and take my hands off for a bit. As my brother puts it "I'm wore out with it." They have undone, sometimes dramatically, every single thing that we have attempted to put in place allowing them to stay at home. Now I'm pretty stubborn, but I know my limits and if I had just almost died I believe I'd be pretty compliant with the arrangements especially when they include a granddaughter at your beck and call. Just sayin'. The gator is being delivered to daddy this afternoon so there's that to be monitored. I've learned that it's easier to get forgiveness than permission so I'll just play it my way and not argue.

Work is non-stop as usual with peaks and valleys of traffic. That's one thing about healthcare...there's a never ending stream of customers who deserve to be treated
fairly and with TLC. That it is a business is a reality, but the people who practice still have a responsibility to do their best for another human life, even when they spit on you! Honey, I've seen it all. Back in the day we did nursing home draws and there was this one old guy who liked to pinch titties and say "baby baby all night long!" I learned exactly how to posture myself to avoid his hands. The worst ass kicking I ever got was from a 107 year old lady on a stretcher.

It was really cool the way BG went to Kroger yesterday for turkey and cheese and came home with a freakin' microwave! Some things, you just gotta have. Our cooking consists of a lot of creativity and limited resources but we do so enjoy it. That, we got from my mother. When BG was describing the doughnut nights she mentioned that she thought Mom would have loved it in her younger day. She always was one for making things perfect.

See ya'll around ^j^

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  1. I hate to say it, but I am almost glad that as I am getting older, I abhor crowds - a lot. That might not keep me alive, but it's worth a try. I never thought I'd live long enough to see the whole world go nuts, but I think it may be happening.

    Good luck with the parents. I had 2 who were intractable too (although I daresay my children would say the same about me and their dad.)