Saturday, April 6, 2013

eyes barely open

We are so accustomed to the darkness of winter that this weekend's warm rays and beautiful sunshine take some time for adjustment of the old eyeballs. Somehow I managed to lose my dolla' store reading glasses today so I picked up another pair on the way home. Hey..gotta have 'em to work, that's the bottom line. My bossfriend wears TWO pair on top of each other making her look like a cross between Luci Arnaz and Mr. Magoo. I'm not laughing though. My day will come, the one when I lose sight of what is seen as real and rely instead on sound, touch and the empathy of others. Kinda' like my mama, ya know? I'm okay with that reality because I have had a life full of blessings like many people never experience even once. I do manage to catch a break now and then, but it's usually because I have learned how to look at something and FIND the blessing in it rather than whining. There's a flip side to everything.

That's how I see this Korean thing. There's nothing like a united stand against anybody who even thinks about touching us to bring a country together. If there is another war, I believe it will be the last...or at least the beginning of the end. There is so much anger and power in the military worldwide and charismatic leaders can bring a new generation up in a decade. Never forget the power of Hitler, and I'm not talking Obama ya'll. Meanwhile all the people on Wall Street and at ConAgra and Monsanta and WalMart continue to ply us with both dangerous and imported goods. Walden's Pond is probably all dried up and it makes me sad to think about Don Henley singing of that natural treasure so many years ago. I know the landscape of this farm has changed dramatically to handle more crops and the chemical runoff goes into the river that serves our town and empties into the mighty Mississippi. Yeah, nifty huh? I don't care how many times you've seen Pollyanna, that's messed up. I read somewhere today about a memorial to the Vietnam war 40 years later. If you ask me (and nobody did) that messed up the soldiers about the same way ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan have. And we fail to take care of them when they come home wounded. Shame on us.

Still no sugardaddy so I'm giving up on that one and will settle for somebody who pays their own way and isn't crazy. How quickly that has landed me in trouble over the years! But that was then and this is now. BG and I have a comfy sort of thing going on with our end of life care situation, holding each other up when times are hard and old people act like little kids. We referee and console. We cook and run up and down the road a million times, just like my brother. In short, we caretake which is fortunately a very strong family trait. I've learned over the years that both sides of my family have skeletons rattling that come around to haunt me now and then on a regular basis.

My mother's friend Doris had a solution for the end of the war in Iraq which I thought was simply splendid. Her suggestion was to let about a hundred screechy sopranos loose on the jihadists and they would be running for the hills. She's one of my childhood icons and owned the first Merle Norman franchise here. As a teenager I seriously loved going into fairyland upstairs and touching all the high dollar stuff. One of my favorite pieces is a tiny cutglass perfume bottle from there which was left when my grandmother died.

We are who we are because of where we've been and who guided us. We become the one that Big Ernie planned before we were born as we embrace change and let go of hate and malice. Human survival is not worth losing humanity for. If you ask me we'll probably see some kind of cannibal survivor series by next year. That's how much we are stuck on winning.

Not me dude. Carry on ^j^

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