Sunday, April 21, 2013

some days you're the windshield

I finally got the yard mowed yesterday and managed not to break the belt by picking up sticks ahead of the path and mowing around shit. My orders are to set the blade at a certain level and avoid roots. Yes sir, bro. I AM pretty hard on mowers not because of carelessness but because the terrain here is rocky and hilly in several spots. The old Bizzle house is in a huge pile now, ready to burn and bury. Now my parents are the only ones on that side of the road clear to the river!

We did eggs and dilly bars today and managed it without a cross word being spoken because mom wasn't in the mood to argue and neither was I. As usual, we got moved around and relocated because of a large group that comes every Sunday and has to have EVERYBODY at the same table. We giggle about it and go on. On the ride home we got to talking about how mama really didn't know much about country life and made daddy promise to never tell her own daddy the question that she asked about cows and bulls. I laughed so hard I almost ran off the road. Then she shared about the time that she decorated baskets full of flowers from the back yard for a Sunday school party. Little did she know that they would close up before the party even got started because they were day lilies!

The air is clean and crisp and full of pollen. I thought I was gonna' have a full blown asthma attack after the mowing but quickly got inside and showered off the icky stuff. If not for singulair and an inhaler, I'd be housebound during peak allergy seasons. I got a very disturbing message from a very dear friend yesterday and my heart is aching for her right now as she stumbles toward her new normal following a very emotional ordeal. She has been with me all the way and remains one of my dearest and sweetest friends of the sort that I've never really "met." Sometimes I try to remember what life was like before the WWW and our ability to span the globe with communications. One of the most disturbing things about the deal in Boston was the viciousness with which the MSM pounced on any little fragment of truth to be the first to report. That is one of the reasons that we feel like we're under Code Orange all the time because things that would have not been known in other parts of the country and world don't have to wait for snail mail delivery and the printing press. With more choices in where to get news, comes a responsibility to use a level head when taking it all in and consider the source(s).

If there ever was a time for the GOP to clean house, now is it. They have made a mockery of what the majority of Americans want as polled by many unbiased sources. The gun thing is absurd and there will be hell to pay on that. The heir to the Busch fortune formally resigned from his lifetime membership out of shame of what the NRA stands for now. It wasn't always the militant marketplace for illegal weapons, instead beginning as an informal hunt club. I bet the founders are rolling over in their graves right about now. And then there's the asshat who asked for aid for West TX after voting AGAINST the very same aid for Hurricane Sandy victims. News sources report that the plant had WAYYYYYYYYY more explosive material on site than is safe. Wonder if corporate is lawyering up? And as for you Rand Paul? Shut the eff up and learn be more like your daddy.

All the dogs have had ticks removed and us people have too. So far no RMSF but it's early. I spent the entire day outside yesterday and have a bit of a farmer's tan where the t-shirt stopped. Baby brother is headed this way sometime soon and I'm looking forward to that as usual. We are of the same "cosmos" so to speak and it's like we never left off when we get together again. Formerly a beer drinker like me, he's a wine kind of guy now. He will be amazed at the changes in our landscape, most all of them good. We have north Forked Deer backwater but not enough to keep us in, yet. This is prime flooding time for all rivers and ours has a history of acting up due to poor infrastructure in the southern part of town. Improvements are in the plan, but haven't started yet. It looks like a ghost town now, deserted except for the few businesses and homes that remained after back to back floods.

I set fire to what's left of Granny's couch yesterday afternoon but it was too wet, therefore I'll try again today. Any excuse to start a fire, says this old redneck hippie pyro country girl.

Peace and love ^j^

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