Sunday, April 14, 2013

flower power

I can't help it ya'll..I spent 30 bucks on some good dirt and a few flowers today because I'm like a crack head when it comes to planting shit. And burning it too, as you know. There is still half of my aunt's couch left to fire up and a few limbs on top. The cushion is under a tree for a doggie bed. At least it's not in the driveway anymore where it sat for months. I burned it where it sat just to get it light enough for me to drag to the fire pile. Towanda! We were cooking some dinner last night with the grill, electric skillet and microwave when the m'wave decided to blow and that was that. No more hot pockets. The stove is gas and there is no propane. End of story, and typical for our luck. My next project is to get the push mower going.

This morning I slept in and headed out to pick up the grands at church only to find my front tire flat as a pancake. BG's car has been parked waiting for repairs but I drove it to the gas station for some fix a flat, put it in and made it to Patterson Brothers for that blessed free air which has kept me rolling for years. I'm usually there before they ever get out of the church building but because of the delay they were already curbside when I arrived. After they loaded up I gently asked where we were going for breakfast because Mom had mentioned going somewhere different. A repeat of the Easter fight followed and we ended up at the same old place with her threatening to sit in the car. Okay, then. When we got seated I proceeded to tell them that they sounded like little kids fighting over a toy with neither claiming blame for the stupid subject at hand. I'm over it. We ate quietly while I read the paper and it's like it never happened. Lord.Have.Mercy.

Ranger's dad messaged me today wanting to know when the puppies' birthdate was and I actually had to look back through blog posts to figure it out. It was on Jan 30th, right before KY cousin died and all hell broke loose. The rest has been a blur for me with mama almost dying shortly thereafter. Thank goodness for "happy" pills. Two pups left that are growing like weeds! I'm grateful today for the beauty of yesterday because it's cloudy and windy again,though still warm. Tornado season is late so I'm expecting some action any day now. We dodged the bullet that was Wednesday's big outbreak but MO,AR and MS did not. So, all in all things could be worse here on Pecan Lane in spite of the little black cloud that follows me.

Jury duty is coming up in a couple of weeks and I noticed a string of indictments in today's paper, mostly for shake and baking meth. Those cases never make it to a jury, of course. Nobody caught making meth can have any kind of defense, if you know what I mean. For the life of me I can't understand it, but it must be one hell of an addiction. The worst thing is that the cookers often do so with children present which results in them promptly being removed from the home. Then the homeowner has to pay to have the whole site cleaned up to the tune of about 30K. All of this madness plus methadone clinics that keep people hooked for life and the entire country is fighting over making a natural herb like ganja legal. PUleeeeez people. Use some common sense and pick your battles.

I haven't check on NORK lately but I'm assuming they haven't fire anything that hit us. However, I wouldn't know since there's no TV service here. We watched Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln yesterday and both of them bored me to death in spite of rave reviews. That leaves us with several seasons of I Love Lucy to watch over and over again. My internet service is too slow to stream anything so there you go. We will survive.

Y'all count your blessings. I'm doing the same as it's the Lord's day and I'm glad in it.


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