Sunday, April 7, 2013

if you build it they will come

You can always tell when it's a slow news day because there's nothing much but little tidbits following up on previous big deals. This whole chaining of the CPI deal is really pissing me off since I've contributed to SS since I was 14 years old and a lifeguard during the summer. DO NOT come back at me seven years before that so called "entitlement" is to begin and dare to reduce it. That is MY money that was involuntarily taken from MY paychecks by MY government over a period of forty odd years. It is NOT an entitlement. It is simply repayment for what I have contributed during my career. If there weren't so many non-earners on the SS payroll, it wouldn't be a problem if you get my drift. Drug addiction and/or alcoholism are not "disabilities." You are not "entitled" to that monthly check that comes out of my paycheck so you can lay up in the house until the mail runs. And no, I don't think recipients should be drug screened. They should just be weeded out from the ones who have ever actually contributed to the economy in some way and cut off the rolls. My late cousin Debbie who was truly disabled due to COPD and arthritic knees fought for two years to get her benefit and died shortly thereafter.

As we all know the VA is tasked with caring for our veterans whether they are 18 or 96 which is a huge job. WE worked with our local office for about six months pulling together what was needed to put in a claim so my parents could get some form of payment for household help. It was approved retroactively and is something that my father earned by serving in the Korean conflict. How ironic that the fragile treaty of those days is being blasted to high heaven by stupid little Kim with the bad haircut. If there were a contest between he and Paul Ryan, I think it would be a tossup. I managed to catch part of CBS Sunday Morning today and was intrigued by a piece about the anniversary of the Holocaust museum. It detailed how important it is to keep the story alive of the evil and tyranny caused by Hitler and his cohorts. People who are mindless follow like sheep.

Louisville and Michigan will fight it out tomorrow and March madness '13 will be history except for happy homecomings at their respective airports. When I noticed on Yahoo today about the NFL players coming out, I was somewhat proud of them for being honest and rocking the worlds of a whole helluva lot of American men. My wires got crossed while sending a baseball poem on MP3 to a friend yesterday and instead he ended up on some pro-gay page. I thought he was gonna KILL me! Hey. I had good intentions. Today said link was correctly sent and I know he'll "get it." Field of dreams,ya'll. Jackie Robinson was also on the teevee this morning and I marveled at the prejudice that he and his family endured when they had road games in the south.

Meanwhile my home state of Tennessee, which is controlled by you-know-who, has a backlog of about two months for unemployment benefits to people who are stuck in the trickle down economy. BG picked up a 3rd job today making doughnuts, of all things. I see this as being the new normal for her age educated and working at jobs that previously went to high schoolers. It's a real bargain for employers. I am grateful to have a job because so many others do not. I can't imagine trying to figure out how to make it without decent insurance and a steady income. If the banks have any inkling that they will be able to recoup all that student loan debt and retire to the Bahamas, think again. Where there are no jobs, there's no repayment.

Since I was at the sawmill, BG did breakfast run with the grands today. She posted a FB pic of my sweet little mama grinning from ear to ear over her eggs and croissant. With her eyes shut, of course! She's gotten feisty again, this time more so because she almost "bought the farm" so to speak. Second wind always blows stronger.

Keep the faith kids. I'm off for two and loving every second of it already ^j^

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