Friday, September 3, 2010

rolling on the river

When last we spoke, I had just returned from the boat landing at Hickman, KY....a sleepy little town nestled on the banks of the Big Muddy. As with most Mississippi river ports in this day and age, there was nothing much left except for a few barges under the tree line on the other side, and two faithful travelers heading out for a couple of days on the water in a canoe. The folks at the private place north of there declined to let them put in from their fancy float, so we went to the public place and the guys launched their Bell from the concrete slab. It seemed to be a rite of passage for Lewis, the younger of the two. His guide had planned well as that is his passion...making the river experience authentic, meaningful and something that the client will never forget. As we all know, repeat customers are good for the economy and such.

BG is such the prankster that she left her TV tuned into Fox News so that I could catch a glimpse of Glenn Beck and Dennis Miller in action. Loved Dennis on SNL news. On Fox? Not.So.Much. She and the sometimes off again on again roommate are desperately trying to get moved to their new nest in the north but he doesn't get much time off to move the heavy shit stuff. Last I heard he's headed to the lane sometime tonight. Hope he's got his key because I'll be smooth passed out.

There have been many times during the past week that I felt the need to write my little heart out because things are just too much sometimes. Thanks to Big Ernie, I've managed to keep going and look ahead with faith. There's no other explanation for it, ya know? I was reading the church newsletter today and noticed that the new preacher talked a bit about grace and how it's such a wonderful gift. His reference was to C.S Lewis and his reflections about how Christianity is unique in that there is nothing expected...only love freely given. The rest is just denominational detail.

An old friend called me tonight, out of the blue. He and another guy named Jack were my best buddies back in the day. Our birthdays are all within a week or so and we have managed to stay in touch because that's what friends do. I invited him to come on up and visit Casa Poops with perhaps a stroll down memory lane to see my parents. Like he says " I'm not my daddy, but I'm a good guy."


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