Thursday, September 23, 2010

sittin' here looking like this

That's something that Yaya and I bounce back and forth as a greeting when one asks what the other is doing.  I have retreated into my smartass middle aged woman cave for a day and a half of solitude.  My sanity depends on it!  I have never been much on drama as a staple of life, but so many folks just THRIVE on it that sometimes you get sucked into the vortex.  And I seriously hate it when that happens.  Women are the worst, hands down.  And especially groups of them that work together on a daily basis.  Anytime you have that many females together more than one somebody is bound to having either raging or ebbing hormones with variable personal crises in motion.  I know, because I've been there a loooooooong time.  No pocket watch either.  But that is the sawmill and I'm off the clock.

We gathered at Mom and Daddy's for a birthday supper last night for both of us Virgo girls.  My brother grilled and I cleaned up so it easy.  It was the first time we've eaten a meal together as a family in months what with jobs and moving and weddings and such.  BG's partner in crime from teenage years is gettin' married next month so there's lots of fru-fru bridezilla type stuff going on.  They will both be beautiful, I'm sure.

If anybody wants to know what to get me for Christmas, I'll take cases of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  Those things are freakin' AMAZING!  I know....where have I been?

Leave a message at the beep.  I'm either away from my desk or with another client.

Peace out  ^j^

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  1. Ah, you make me smile. Thanks for the update. Sending big hugs and lots of prayers