Monday, August 16, 2010

and lost again........

Thanks be to Big E I found the camera and snapped about fifty pics of two guys heading out on a Mark Twain type of adventure beginning at Hickman, KY. Unfortunately, the camera cable has gone missing so there 'ya go. A message straight from heaven to get out and enjoy the breeze. Only my dumb ass could get lost in Lake County. I had to call both Gigi AND Gumby to get directions out while driving a big ass SUV when normally my ride is a Camry. At some point, they will both swim the big muddy together....the older experienced river guide coaxing on a dreamer with a book in his head.

I managed to make it back in time for our mandatory meeting today and was impressed with the dialogue, if you know what I mean. The cast is beginning to blend well and look toward a goal which is a miracle considering what we've been through. The bottom line is that "when the rubber hits the road" as our boss says, we stick together and get things done. That requires discipline, forgiveness and understanding when spats hair pullin' bitch fights break out within our ranks. There are a whole LOT of men in nursing but not so much in a clinical lab. It's a perfect place for all out drama to bust loose according to who's on their period and whose family member is sick or having babies and such. Everybody's got something and the best way to deal with the whole thing it is to talk it out. Hey. It beats climbing the water tower, right Sue?


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