Friday, September 17, 2010

happy shit

That's a term that we coined up at Bev's bar when Yaya, me and our Redneck Friend used to meet for ladies afternoon.  With the sound of dominos slapping the granite counter as a backdrop and an occasional cheer, we discussed and bitched and solved the world's problems on more than one occasion.  After we'd had enough of that, we would move onto the "happy shit" like how the kids are and who's getting married/engaged/graduated/etc.  Happy shit is anything remotely resembling a positive experience , often with a spiritual tone to the whole thing.  Sometimes one exceeds the drama limit for a lifetime or a week, and just has to say it is what it is and so be it.  I'm gonna have a beer and forget about it for now.   I know, that is so like Scarlet O'Hara while Tara burned.  I'm Southern, remember?

Me and the salsa sisters headed to Mexico today only to find the doors of their old place locked with a sign directing us across the street to their new digs.  NICE.  Very nice.  The staff told us that they found out this morning that they would be opening today for lunch.  Yeeehaw!  The highway access is much easier, and it's right next to Lowe's which is the closest thing to a Home Depot that we have in the 'burg.  I am totally ignorant about things pertaining to TVs and DVRs so the one in my new den has been sitting there for a week staring at me with a black screen.  Gomer came and fixed it for me today so that I can watch and cook.  I lurve that guy and his GF.

It's still in the 90s here, but the nights are cooler so that helps.  Our cotton got sprayed last week so it won't be long until the bolls get sucked up into the picker headed to the gin packed in trailers topped with colored tarps.  The dry spell hurt it, but corn did good and the beans are turning yellow.  Won't be long until the combines hit the dirt for another harvest on the lane.

It's I hear an amen?

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