Monday, September 6, 2010

mama said there'd be days like this

Uh, no....not really.  I took a paid day off from the sawmill to visit Mark Twain's favorite spot on the Mississippi river down around Osceola at the San Souci landing.  Nice boat ramp and access compared to what we have here.  I'm talking primo, here.  I got there a little early to pick up two guys and a beagle so I spent some time visiting with the folks that were enjoying Labor Day by the river.  One guy and his buddies pulled out  a fishing boat and said hey.  Yet another man was there to pick up someone from one of the barge lines that run the river.  A biker couple stopped by and the pontoon full of kids, dogs, adults and beer launched right about the time that me and Snoop settled into the back seat of the blue Dodge ram.  I got my smart ass shuttled right to Hayti in time to catch a lift to Pecan Lane.  I hope the kids made it home.

When I got here, the trailer was loaded with BG's bed and other things that will complete our transition move from roommates to incredible women who choose to spend time together.  I don't see it as an empty's an opportunity to regroup and move onto the next chapter.  We have already cried about it, on more than one occasion.  We've been through almost 26 years of life together, and that doesn't go away just because of where your stuff is. 

Learning to let go is the hardest lesson in the world, yet it is so important when it concerns adapting to change and being happy with the whole deal.  Faith.............^j^


  1. Being born and then dying, that's easy - it's the time between that gets a tad rocky.
    You all are an inspiration on how faith is lived Miss Janie, and I need that right about now.
    God bless you all.

  2. I am not sure how you can sound so calm about it. Every country song that deals with the kids moving on, I get all teary eyed. I don't even have them living with me full time and the thought of my daughter moving to another part of the country scares the heck out of me. You are an inspiration as Drew said.