Monday, September 27, 2010

learn to be still

Oh.My.Lord, ya'll.  If  I've ever been more excited to have one day off, it is tomorrow.  The month of September has turned into a whirlwind of crises both personal and professional and I really just didn't need that right now.  But hey.  It is what it is.  And this too shall pass.  It makes you appreciate the quiet times like right now.  My two dog babies are snoozing and the windows are flung open for the first time since May.  And yes, there is a very nice breeze from the northwest.  Thanks BE ^j^

Hopefully I will finish my story at the Dew about the riverguys and manage to sift through some personal paperwork and laundry.  Maybe work in a visit with the grands since they're a mile down the road.  My niece was due to be born today and I guess it could still happen, but I sense that she's holding out so that older brother can have today's birthday all to himself.  There is this odd bond among people who share the same birthday....I work with several who share my date.  It must be a cosmos thing or something!

I'm headed to the porch in my lucky flip flops.  Hope you are doing something just as lovely.


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