Wednesday, September 8, 2010

time warp

Things have been chaotic around here lately, to say the least what with all the moving and rearranging and joint custody of pets.  Faith spent the night with BG last night and Sam was lost this morning without her.  Now they're on their respective beds which we humans call couches and the evil cat known as Lily is on the way to Newbern for her first sleepover.  THIS should be interesting, 'cuz we all know how cats can be.  I'm spending the night there tomorrow night for a birthday spa party and I can't wait to soak in her tub with jets. 

It's been a long time since I felt like I was rushing through life, but this year has turned into the mother of all of them in that respect.  Change is good when there is room for transition.  Sudden change is a bitch.  Last week I attended two funerals both of which were expected events where the dying person had opportunities to mend fences and find some peace with life stuff.  In my opinion, that's a very good thing.  Ya'll wouldn't BELIEVE how often it doesn't go that way.

I'm toying with ideas for converting BG's room into a little den....there's already a cable box there and a TV.  She left the antique dresser that came from my parents so it's not totally empty.  I'd like to make it a comfortable place to hang out and relax, something I haven't enjoyed in a very long time.  That should be fun, dontcha' think?  Gotta have TV while I'm cooking.  Just saying.

I learned to cook from my mother who is the queen of southern fried and fru fru.  It has only been in later years that I've chosen different things like olive oil and chopped garlic to prepare something simple and easy.  Ironically, I learned THAT from my own daughter.  There is something really exciting about preparing a meal seasoned with herbs that you grow for yourself.  Uh...but then again.  I'm a cheap date, they say.

Lookin' up ^j^

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  1. Mmm. Fresh herbs and veggies that one grew themself is the BEST.