Sunday, September 12, 2010

fair credit, my ass

Well, I guess ya'll all breathed a sigh of relief that the Florida idiot got talked out of his little hellfire and brimstone stunt.  Not Ever.  This dude got some serious attention which just put the spotlight on ethnic tensions within this country that have existed for years.  I was struck by the media pieces that I viewed this year on that famous date, noting that there is broader sense of purpose leading those who lived to tell about it.  We didn't know it at the time, but our country was about to be changed forever in a not so nice sort of way. I watched media coverage of persecutions aimed at peaceful Muslim families back then, and it's still happening.  I blame ignorance on the part of critics who do not truly understand what a particular faith is based on.  So called Christians who are not inclusive enough to live and let live scare the crap out of me.  Case in point?  You guessed it.  TFI!

Birthday gathering has been moved to my house because BG has some plumbing problems.  That's just dandy with me because I'm at home and people are coming to see me.  And they know I'll look like a redneck smartass southern girl who could care less about hair and makeup.  Because how I roll.  Somebody remind me to snap a picture of the word BITCH spray painted on the roof of the barn.  You think that was directed at me???????  Nah.

Oh yeah...the fair credit thing.  I've been in the, shall we say, lower end of the credit score system ever since I became a single gal.   I'm just about close enough to see daylight and my Daddy agreed to co-sign a loan for me to get to a manageable place on my own.  Two banks turned me down so I didn't bother to pursue it.  The reason?  Federal regulations that stipulate that if the loan officer doesn't  personally KNOW the person applying for credit, they should give them equal score somebody they do know.  Which basically means this:  A person like myself, trying to re-establish credit has nowhere to go.  I will never own another credit card as long as I live because I went through hell over that little trick.  All I want is enough money to pay the bills and not be devastated when the AC tab is 400 bucks.

Over and out kids.  Keep the faith ^j^

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  1. That sucks about the credit thingy. Since the separation and the bankruptcy, I've been slowly trying to rebuild mine. But that is a horribly slow hill to climb. Mine's just about five years now, two more to go.
    Is that a recent spray painting? Do I have to come down there and whup someone's ass?
    Hugs and prayers