Saturday, September 11, 2010

and so it goes

That was one of Old Hoss's favorite expressions back before he became a smartass blogger dung beetle.  Somehow, that phrase just sort of sums up life without all the extra words.  We can moan and groan and whine and cry but it is what it is and the only cure for that is a pair of big girl (or big boy ) panties and a can-do faithful attitude.  Not that I always REMEMBER that......I mean gah.  Sometimes you just have to go into nuclear meltdown or have a hissy fit to cleanse the soul and move on.  That's the story of my week, and I'm sticking to it.

It came one helluva storm here yesterday afternoon so Pecan Lane is littered with branches and chunks.  According to farmer Joey's rain gauge:  2 inches, in just about an hour.  After the storm died down, I dodged road debris and went to Gigi's to help with the annual fall cleaning of the flower beds around her pool.  I talked her into planting perennials this year with the promise that next spring will be a breeze.  That verbena spread all OVER the place.  When I left, there were close to ten garbage bags full sitting in the driveway.  Slept for twelve hours last night and could still take a nap.  Do I hear an amen?

When I went down to the grands' house to count pills and give allergy shots, I picked up her vacuum cleaner so that I can attempt to at least get one up on the dust bunnies. Living center square in a bean field makes that difficult at times and downright impossible if you don't keep a new broom handy.  Thank goodness there's no carpet anymore.  THAT was nasty.  I spent one blustery February ripping every inch of it up by hand.  We padded around on the ancient wood underneath for years before we got something that looked a little better.  Amazingly, I have managed to keep the rent current for the past year since our change in management.  Of course I'm behind on the dentist and hand surgeon and propane, but.  So it goes.

I'm headed to Casa Babygirl tomorrow for a post-birthday party at her new place.  My brother is playing poker on vacation so I've got both ends of church delivery.  Lunch with my parents on Sunday is one the highlights of the week for me.   Daddy always pays out of his "allowance" and our tabs have ranged from ten bucks to almost fifty according to where we go that day.  I think we're back at Perkins for a while :)

God bless that I love ^j^

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