Saturday, September 25, 2010

signs from above

I have found that Big Ernie tends to leave me messages kinda sorta like he did for Moses and all the rest of those folks.  They've never been of the burning bush or stone tablet variety, but I do catch on more quickly than ever these days.  Like a few minutes ago when I was out attempting to clean up the lawn yard a little bit and got stung by a wasp.  I figure that's a sign that this is not the day meant to be for that task.  Cooler air is on the time will come.

A friend and I did the truck tour of our farm yesterday evening and I got to snap a couple of river pictures right above where the levee blew out during that ginormous May flood.  There was beer and a couple of folding chairs and it was a lovely time to watch the sunset over the mighty Forked Deer.  The leaves are beginning to change and drop off slowly in that way where you can hear one hit the dust of the forest floor.  Sam went swimming too!

Work was work, and mercifully not too busy once we got past the early morning rush.  More of the same tomorrow.  And the next day.  It's how we (almost) pay the bills. I've been running short on cash so my satellite teevee service will go dead on Monday evening.  I kinda see that as a message from BE too.  Enough is enough with the small stuff. At least there's only one month left on the contract with this one.

As for me and mine, we shall be on the porch every day until it snows.



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  2. Hi Sweetie Pie. (((((((hugs)))))) for you. I forgot to add that a freshly cut onion will take the sting away from a wasp sting. Did you ever use that?