Sunday, September 19, 2010

when reality becomes real

Yesterday was a benchmark of sorts.  On the Saturday before her 26th birthday my beautiful babygirl got visits from not only her Memaw and I,  and then we had a sleepover with all the critters present.  She graciously slept in the recliner so that I could sprawl on her bed with the dogs.  It is a quiet peaceful place, lovingly cleaned and decorated by she and Gomer.  The neighbors up front have three kids and a dog so there was plenty of action with bikes and squeals of delight.  I could actually imagine my grandchildren growing up there, and that's a good thing.

It hit me when I headed to the 'burg this morning to pick up my parents that her home is now my home AWAY from home.  I can rest there, not feeling obliged to clean or do anything other than pick up after myself.  And besides......there's that tub with the jets!   She is a different person there, a wiser and mellower version of herself, secure in the fact that she has made the move and somebody who loves her has her back.  He's not around much, but sometimes that's a good thing in the long run.  She is finding herself there, the parts that she didn't know had gone into hiding.  It makes me smile AND cry.  Does that make sense?

I've always tried to let her know the pride that I feel for where she's been and what she has accomplished in life. Against overwhelming odds, she grew up with a social conscience that makes her mama grin.  She's always been jealous because I grew up in the sixties when all that tie-dye skinny dipping thing was going on and my own mother took me to rock concerts in Memphis.  But ya know what?  She has the kind of soul that rang true during that era, and still does to this day.   Peace and love ya'll.  Peace and love.

Happy birthday were a gift from God to me when you were born, and that gift continues to grow as you do.

Mom ^j^

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