Monday, March 9, 2009

walk a mile in my shoes

As I type BG and all three dogs are frolicking on the lane. Back in the day I was a big time walker and I should take that particular habit back up while I lose one or two if I want to live to get laid again find a sugardaddy. That's just today's random thought.

My day off from the sawmill was filled with errands and appointments. I'm being tested for carpal tunnel crap which sounds like...uh. Not much fun unless you're a masochist. I've got two weeks to back out if I get too chicken. Babygirl assures me I'll need that left hand for some time to make a living and rub furry heads.

Calves in the wheat field are still an everyday occurance. The sheds almost rubble and the tractors cranked up for the first time since November. Wasps are coming to life in the living room (where the heck have they BEEN anyways?)

Life has never seemed more fragile, yet full to the brim with contentment.


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  1. Spring is in the air... or is that skunk? Same thing, 'round here.