Tuesday, March 3, 2009

almost gone.....

The snow, that is. That's okay...it was pretty while it lasted but I'm ready for spring. So are all the flora that got buried. Weatherman says 75 by the weekend. Come on ya'll!

Me and the BG and her BFF are planning a trip to the beach for the week after her graduation in early May. I suppose we are really faithful ones because between the two of us we've got some change shy of fifty bucks, but hey. A girl can dream, right? I certainly can't count on the lottery because I've never even bought a ticket. Money's too hard to come by. I'll just work on my tan and feet "as if".

We are back to regular hours at the sawmill which is a tremendous thing for our clients who depend on accurate and timely test results for their lives. Enough said. Don't wanna get dooced because I need the money for the beach and the light bill. In my mother's words to BG " Yo momma needs a vacation...bad."

As promised, readers here will learn all there is to know about the history of Ferguson Farm as it has been handed down to me in bits and pieces. Names will be changed to protect the innocent, of course. Currently our household consists of me and the BG plus three dogs and two cats. Faith is the oldest at five, a petite chocolate lab with a very sweet but jealous disposition. Her younger sister Butterbean is a rat terrier mix who mysteriously suffered a broken leg shortly after arriving from the shelter. I'm not blaming anybody BUT........A couple of years ago Sam came to live with us since his mom Amy seriously underestimated his athletic ability and her power to control said energy in a big city apartment. He can be obnoxious as hell but cute as the dickens all in one breath. Jack Russell mix, if that tells you anything.

The cats are Lily who is a rotten spoiled bitch and Circle K, the "special needs" kitty. Oooooops...gotta run. It's time to feed the varmints.

Later ^j^

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