Monday, March 23, 2009

let there be light dirt

Hoo doesn't get much better than watching guys move dirt with heavy equipment which is what's happening all around us here. Bubba is cleaning the place up quite nicely, knocking down rotten wood and dead trees. When they get done, I'll show you before and after pictures.

Today was EMG and nerve conduction study day. Guess what? Uh..yep. What I already knew. Big time carpal tunnel syndrome. Sounds like there's a big fat painful shot of cortisone in my near future *ewwwww* I snuck away from the sawmill long enough to get that done in between slams from the ER I've been "snake bit" ever since we went to Tunica. Didn't hit anything bigger than 2.50 the whole time. I take that as a sign from Big Ernie to save my money for the beach. Counting down the days now...........

I noticed on the homepage that the stock market is SOARING. That makes a lot of people happy, those with funny money on the line. As for myself, I was just tickled to be able to pay the unusually-high-for-winter utility bill today before cutoff time tomorrow. Yes! I am easily amused and a cheap date. And when the dirt work is done? I get new gravel for the dirt driveway. Can you say wooooooohoooooooo!

Over and out from Pecan Lane. Ya'll keep the faith ^j^

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  1. Waiting on the rain here.... I heard it was going to be a bunch of rain down there in Mississippi.