Sunday, March 22, 2009


My friend and I went down to one of the casino hotels in Tunica yesterday just to get away from reality. And boy...did we ever. It's been twenty years since I went there to visit the very first one called "Splash" that still had the planks where you walk over the river to get in. Now it's a huge resort and gambling complex that has turned the county into a well employed place teeming with activity. The most amazing thing to me was the number of tourists...many Asian..who were there with little kids just checkin' the place out. Go figure.

We played cheap slots and the poker machines while watching the Memphis tigers ( my alma mater, btw) kill Marlyland slowly. We ate. We talked. We watched sappy girl gets boy movies on TBS. It was absolutely heaven on earth for 36 hours. The noise gets to you after awhile though. I mean, gah. It's like a freaking carnival up in there.

She and I have known each other professionally for thirty years, but only became close friends when we began working together at the sawmill. She is a little older and much wiser than this little smartass in a lot of ways. We have leaned on each other during some very difficult times in both of our lives and that's a real bond you can hold tightly to. Plus, she makes the best damned chicken salad around.

This one's for you girl. Keep the faith ^j^

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