Friday, March 20, 2009

humility as a virtue

This has been a tough week for me in many ways. Oh, the sawmill is always a joy...ya'll know that. But it's doable if I get enough rest. We are winding up a chapter in our lives as BG gets ready to graduate and BF (best friend) prepares to move to south Texas. We have lived our lives together for close to seven years and all the angst that can be packed into that time frame. We're all ready to turn the page.

Someone has told a lie about me to a co-worker that has caused a lot of anxiety WTF!*%@ for me. The CW steadfastly believes that lie and it's not comfortable AT ALL. The whole thing is so bizarre to consider that if she really knew me, she'd laugh at the whole idea. In the words of Mr. Y, "this too shall pass."

The guy with the heavy equipment is across the road playing in the dirt. He's got work to do on my side of the lane too, finishing off the sheds that have whacked at for a couple of weeks. He'll also push down some dead pine trees that became dead because I caught the pasture on fire one time. That was a real Kodak moment!

BG is being on call for the grands this weekend while I run away and play with Sue. We deserve it. It's really sort of an angel kinda trip because it's free thanks to perks from her adventures with her late husband George. After his death in February of last year she spent a lot of emotional energy working through the maze that is medical error reporting and accountability. I'm glad that's over.

Spring is here because the hostas are coming up. That's a sure sign every time March Madness hits. It's so amazing to me how things change so quickly day to day during the growing season. Like that big fat multiflora rose that's been choking out my asparagus! I imagine that'll be history pretty soon along with the ancient fencing. One horse only needs a reasonable spot to be lazy and try to get out. As Bubba said: " He'll probably die as soon as we're done."

For the first time in twenty one years all three floors of my house are basically de-cluttered. There are still piles of dirt, but the big stuff is gone or moved to a pile. That says a lot for my organizational skills, huh? The things that are left are precious and mean something to one of us. There is a work table in the basement where I play with wood and fabric dreaming up funky looking frames.

I'm weary....tgif.

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  1. Big hugs and hope that the coworker gets over their issue.

    Hugs and prayers