Sunday, March 15, 2009

don't jump!

My brother called a little bit ago to catch up on the state of things today. We both bitched to high heaven about how depressed we are because the sun hasn't been out in a week. We all need some Vitamin D, ya know what I mean? There might be some truth to the SADD thing they talk about on TV. On the brighter side, I picked some asparagus this afternoon. Well, just two. But it's something to keep the serotonin from re-uptaking at warp speed.

BG is at work (the paying job) and looking mighty forward to a spring break from elementary school kids and their drama. Graduation is so close she can taste it and the promise of some beach time is teasing both of us

However, the scenery around here is pretty cool right now.


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  1. It has been raining here since Thursday and is to continue through tomorrow. We may have to build an ark.